Digital Designer,

UX / UI Designer,
Front-end Developer

Fabs Projects HP relaunch, UX / UI Design
Fabs Projects HP relaunch, UX / UI Design
Fabs Projects HP relaunch, UX / UI Design

Fabs Projects HP relaunch

The FABS Projects GmbH is a small modern agency with international flair. Their headquarter next to the Elbe in the harbor city of Hamburg provides them with the perfect position for business in and outside of Germany.

Role: UI / UX Design

Client: Schmitz & Wiesner

Area: Hamburg, Germany

All projects:
Logotype Design & UX / UI Design
Matterhorn Eagle Cup CI relaunch
Print Design
Editorial Design & Packaging
Corporate Identity
Maisonnoée Berlin CI launch
UX / UI Design
Fabs Projects HP relaunch
UX / UI Design
Motor Music HP relaunch
Intifada Al-Aqsa Poster Design
Experimental Typography
Fusion ice Poster Design
CI Design & UX / UI Design
Mindsquare CI Launch
Architecture Photography
Merki & Schmid Architects
Product Photography
Artist exposition Poster Design
Adventure Photography
South Africa - Switzerland
Travel Photography
South Africa - Namibia
Travel Film
Otjozondjupa, Namibia
Timelapses Film
Toûno | St-Luc, Switzerland
Documentary Film
Genesis | Acci Babba
Services I provide:

UI / UX Design
Web Development
CMS & Hosting

Corporate Identity
Logotype Design
Editorial Design

Interior Photography
Adventure Photography
Short Film

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